Herbs, The Perfect Plants

August 18, 2009

Because of their beauty and usefulness, herbs could easily be called the “perfect plants”.  Not only can they be used for culinary and medicinal purposes, they can also be used in making lovely gifts.

Herb GardenIt’s easy to start an herb garden of your own, then cultivate and harvest your crop.  Herbs can grow in most any type of soil, as well as in containers for indoor or outdoor use.  By preserving your fresh crop of herbs, you will be able to enjoy and make use of them all year long.

Most cooks use herbs at some time or another, but very few know how to use them in recipes such as jellies or bath oils.  Herbs can also be used for making beautiful decorations.  Any of these, when given as a gift, would be greatly appreciated by the receiver.

Hopefully, the pages in this blog will give you some delightful and new ideas for using your home grown herbs.

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